More than 50 Years of Woodturning
– from Kicksleds to Pillars

Sorvi-Pojat is a Finnish family company that specialises in woodturning in serial production. We are known for our swift service, effective production methods, and punctual delivery. Our modern and extensive machinery suits the demands of furniture, design, and construction industries perfectly.

Furniture legs

We manufacture legs for beds, couches, chairs, and tables in serial production. As material we use domestic birch and pine as well as hardwood, such as oak, when needed. CNC-technology ensures extremely precise designs. Furniture legs are processed and packaged in accordance with the wishes of the customer.

Design products

We manufacture design products for interior decoration and everyday use in serial production. Beautifully crafted wood creates a luxurious ambience for everyday life and celebrations. CNC-technology is well suited for both modern and traditional designs. Design products are processed and packaged in accordance with the wishes of the customer in the factory of Sorvi-Pojat or in the factories of our domestic collaborators.


We manufacture pillars, handrails, and balusters in serial production. We also produce in small batches parts for restoration sites according to old models. As material we use domestic birch and pine as well as hardwood, such as oak, when needed. The products are processed and packaged in accordance with the wishes of the customer in the factory of Sorvi-Pojat or in the factories of our domestic collaborators.

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Transferring the production of Aarikka to Finland facilitated processes

For us, it was a question of principle to move the production from abroad to Finland. We want to support domestic family businesses and contribute to the tradition of woodturning continuing in Finland. The decision was also affected by the uncertainties in international logistics chains and the drastic increase in the price of transport. Moving the production to Sorvi-Pojat in Sievi facilitated our processes in many ways.

Managing Director of Aarikka

What Can Be Made by Woodturning? 10 Most Asked Questions

Woodturning is an age-old invention and skill. You become a master in it after many years of experience. Modern technology enables completely novel designs and objects of use. Yet working with wood is still inherently about respecting and understanding the material. Wood is both strong and soft, both casual and luxurious, both easy and demanding.

What can be made by woodturning?

With our modern machinery we can make a large variety of pieces in different shapes by woodturning. The shape does not have to be round in its cross-section. Product size can vary from one centimetre to 12 metres.

Do you sell finished wood products?

We operate as a subcontractor, which means that we manufacture either products that the customer has ordered or their parts. Further processing to a desired degree of readiness happens in our own factory or in a factory of one of our collaborators.

Can a private customer as well order from you?

We are specialised in serving the needs of serial production in furniture, design, and construction industries. However, we also make construction products in small batches for private customers.

Do you use domestic wood?

We use primarily domestic pine and birch. Because of the poor availability of birch, however, we also order it in small amounts from Scandinavia. We receive our hardwood mainly from Europe.

Is the wood responsibly produced?

We use primarily PEFC-certified wood. We also order birch from nearby sawmills that do not have the possibility of their own certification. This way we aim to support Finnish small industries and Finnish work. In the process, we shorten the logistics chains and reduce emissions caused by transportation.

How are environmental values visible in your work?

Because of our production, as many things as possible can be made ecologically from wood. We use water-dilutable surface treatment chemicals as well as recycled cardboard, and we favour wood that is produced nearby. In addition, we deliver wood waste and packaging waste for reuse.

How is the price of the products determined?

The price of the products made by woodturning is affected by many things, including the material used, the automation level of the production process, the order quantities, and the surface treatment requirements.

Do you offer painting and installation services?

We do surface treatment for small products, less than 30 centimetres high. Surface treatment for products larger than that happens in the factories of our domestic collaborators. We do not offer installation services.

Do you also handle packaging and transportation?

We package the products carefully and deliver them to their destination on a pre-arranged schedule. If desired, the customers can also pick up the finished products themselves.

How quickly can you get the order into production?

At its fastest, we can start manufacturing new products already on the day when the order has been placed. However, at times, depending on the product’s requirements and its suitability for serial production, weeks or months of preliminary preparation may be needed.

Interested? Contact us!

You can call or message us, and we will get in touch. Collaboration with us is easy and cost effective. We will take a look at your needs and determine the suitability of the product for serial production. From us, you will also receive strong expertise for product development and design.
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Clogs Paved the Way Towards Internationality

Who would not remember – or recognise – clogs, the Dutch shoes? Those lovely clattering, durable, and easy to slip on shoes were the highest fashion for the whole family in the 70s.

Clogs are an integral part of the history of Sorvi-Pojat. In 1970, Paavo Tölli, a newly started entrepreneur from Sievi, gained a customer from Sievin jalkine, a factory which manufactures clogs. For the next few years, tens of thousands of soles for clogs were made in the workshop of Sorvi-Pojat.

Ten years later, Paavo sold his company to his son. The new entrepreneur was Jukka Tölli who improved Sorvi-Pojat with determination for 40 years. The strongest years of growth were the ones when the company manufactured furniture parts for Ikea.

In 2021, Sorvi-Pojat was transferred to the ownership of Tiina and Antti Konttila. Antti’s uncle Jukka was pleased to find successors to the company from family. Antti came to love working with wood already as a young boy in Grandpa Paavo’s workshop. Antti trained as a carpenter and worked for a long time in the construction industry before becoming an entrepreneur. To this day, excelling in woodturning technique and continuously improving production remain the core objectives of Sorvi-Pojat. With modern technology, only imagination is the limit to the invention of new products.

In addition to operating in the furniture and construction industries, Sorvi-Pojat manufactures design products for well-loved Finnish brands such as Aarikka, Pentik, Nikari, QuuDesign, and Esla.

– Our goal is that as many things as possible will be made of wood. Wood is an ecological and renewable material. We want to make it the superior option for the customer, envisions Antti Konttila, the new managing director of Sorvi-Pojat.

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