The couches and beds of Unico Finland are handmade

Everything works incredibly well with Sorvi-Pojat. Has worked for 20 years already. Deliveries work really well, quality is great, can’t help but praise them. Unico Finland is one of the biggest furniture manufacturers in Finland. All Unico-products have the Key Flag Symbol. We have four factories of our own, and we do much of the work ourselves. We use wood and other materials that have been produced nearby. However, making wooden legs for couches and beds is a speciality that Sorvi-Pojat is better suited for. You can get a bed or a couch with metal legs, also, but wooden legs are absolutely the most popular. They are homely, and the customers favour domestic wood as well.

Chairman of the Board, Unico Finland Oy

Transferring the production of Aarikka to Finland facilitated processes

For us, it was a question of principle to move the production from abroad to Finland. We want to support domestic family businesses and contribute to the tradition of woodturning continuing in Finland. The decision was also affected by the uncertainties in international logistics chains and the drastic increase in the price of transport. Moving the production to Sorvi-Pojat in Sievi facilitated our processes in many ways.

Managing Director, Aarikka Oy

The wooden parts of Esla kicksleds are made in Sievi

We have manufactured Esla kicksled in serial production for 90 years already. In the past, we also made the wooden parts of kickleds ourselves, but in the early 2000s we came to the conclusion that it is more profitable to order them from Sorvi-Pojat which has the best machines and capacity for it. It has worked very well. Esla kicksled is a domestic Key Flag product. Its wooden parts are made of domestic birch. Our customers love the comfortability, look, and domesticity of the sled. After decades of use, all the parts of the kicksled can still be recycled.

Managing Director, E.S. Lahtinen Oy

Quu Design lamps are cleverly made in small-scale production

When designing the Quu Design lamp, it was from the very beginning clear to me that I want to use responsibly produced wood as the main material of the lamp. I also want to make the products in my home country. An essential part of the Quu Design brand are the beautiful orbs made of certified ash trees by woodturning. Sorvi-Pojat was recommended to me as the manufacturer of the orbs. I order products from them in moderately small batches and often with a busy schedule. Still, even with urgent deliveries, the quality and the service are always excellent. Among others, Vepsäläinen, Stockmann, Made in Finland Shop, and Creo Design Shop sell Quu Design lamps.

Interior Decorator, DesignStudio Heli Mäkiranta Oy

Domesticity, quality, and ergonomics stand out in Asko’s furniture

For 90 years already, the furniture of Asko has been manufactured in the factory of Insofa. We order wooden legs of beds and lounge chairs from Sorvi-Pojat because we want to keep the degree of domesticity of our products as high as possible. We aim to buy from a close distance so as to avoid the downsides of transport as much as possible. We are one of the biggest furniture manufacturers in Finland, so it is especially important to us that the deliveries are punctual. With Sorvi-Pojat, everything works well. Domesticity, price, and quality all meet in their production.

Product Development Manager, Insofa Oy

The quality is palpable in design products

We customise well-thought-out, high quality design furniture for public spaces and venues. The customers know to expect high quality from our products. The quality must be something that can be both seen and felt: for example, when a person sits they can touch and feel the armrests of a chair. The quality of Sorvi-Pojat is as it should be. They manufacture the wooden armrests of our grandstand chairs as well as the wooden legs and armrests of our Pi-collection. From Sorvi-Pojat, we receive expert service and valuable feedback, which is very important in a long partnership.

Production Manager, Arvo Piiroinen Oy

Consistency and reliability are important in construction products

We have ordered wooden handrails from Sorvi-Pojat for over five years already. We install the finished handrails e.g. to corridors of care buildings. We have concentrated the orders of handrails to Sorvi-Pojat because from them we get quality products and our cooperation works well. A consistent and reliable product is worth the price! We also appreciate that the deliveries are punctual and that Sorvi-Pojat genuinely cares that the customer and the end user are satisfied.

Salesperson, Mestarinikkarit Oy

Tradition and modern technology meet in design chairs

The carpentry shop M. Ruhberg gets its competence from generations of tradition. We manufacture furniture out of high-quality solid wood. Our main materials are birch, beech, and oak. The parts of the design chairs that have been made with a lathe we get from Sorvi-Pojat which is known as the most efficient company specialised in woodturning in Finland. With them, everything works as agreed and the deliveries are punctual. We are very pleased with Sorvi-Pojat.

Managing Director, Puusepänliike M. Ruhberg Oy

Wooden dices are an ecological choice for the XL-Yatzy game

Generally, the dice used in games nowadays are plastic or wood. Back in the day, they also used to make the finest dice from marble and even from ivory. As a responsible Finnish company, we are constantly searching for eco-friendly options. We have manufactured and used wooden components in our products for a long time. As a renewable material, wood is a more ecological choice than plastic. Today, our wood production centres on the Mölkky game, which is why we subcontract the dice of the Yatzy game. We order them conveniently from Sorvi-Pojat. The ordering and delivering processes have worked well and efficiently for seven years already. The products arrive on schedule and the quality is good.

Foreman, Tactic Games Oy